San Diego State University Lecturer Kevin Popović and SDSU student Ryan Vanshur combine their learnings about improving the classroom dynamic with their mutual experience and research, creating an insightful look into the strategies and technologies that influence today’s faculty and students.


  • Understanding the challenges of the modern learning environment
  • Investigating the relationship between attendance and classroom success
  • How classroom engagement improves student learning outcomes and why classroom management is becoming increasingly difficult
  • How professors and students alike can stay atop of the changing question-and-answer dynamic in the modern classroom
  • How capturing real-time data helps educators keep their finger on the pulse of the higher education classroom
  • How the rise of tech-enabled students influences the opportunities for classroom engagement using data-driven teaching practices
  • How the combination of front-end (educator created) and back-end (student created) strategies can enhance learning outcomes
  • How tech-enabled classrooms are changing responsibilities on both sides of the podium
  • A case for establishing digital literacy as a new standard for teaching evaluations and a benchmark for the modern higher-education professional

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