An Introduction to Creating Classroom Engagement: Understanding the challenges of the modern learning environment.

It started, appropriately, with an engaging conversation.

San Diego State University (SDSU) Lecturer Kevin Popović and SDSU student Ryan Vanshur chatted after class one day, identifying problems—and opportunities—within the higher-education classroom. Vanshur shared what he considered best practices from professors—what works and what works better in delivering effective lessons to students. Similarly, Popović explained what he thought students could do to enhance their learning inside and outside the classroom.

CourseKey CEO and Founder Luke Sophinos, another SDSU student, soon joined in. How can the classroom dynamic be improved? If we know what professors think and we know what students think, can we then improve learning outcomes?

popovic vanshur sdsuThis discussion quickly turned into a larger project, as Popović and Vanshur jotted down their ideas as blog posts, sharing them throughout the world of academia. Insightful analysis of classroom attendance, testing procedures, the question-and-answer dynamic inside the classroom, and much more followed, giving students and professors alike topics to think about, to discuss, and to potentially apply to their own classrooms.  

With the blog posts making a positive impact in the space, they were repurposed as an ebook, Creating Engagement in the Classroom, giving readers a one-stop shop to analyze these discussions and to join the conversation to contribute toward a better learning environment for all.

CourseKey has sponsored the #CreatingEngagement project from its inception and has held the door open for anyone looking to contribute. The website is a bipartisan, not-for-profit effort, inviting anyone and any organization to share their thoughts and experiences.

As you explore the site, you will find the free ebook, Creating Engagement in the Classroom, the original blog posts that started it all, and plenty of opportunities to leave comments and to join the discussion on social media. Webinars will be provided, facilitating a synchronous conversation around a specific facet, one chapter at a time. These will also be recorded, allowing everyone to participate as schedules allow.

In all, these elements comprise the #CreatingEngagement project. What began with a discussion between a student and a professor led to blog posts, an ebook, a website, webinars and much more—a movement that’s shaping the higher-education classroom as we know it.  

Where the conversation leads next depends on our collective efforts. Share your thoughts and experiences to keep the snowball rolling. Join the discussion on Twitter by using #CreatingEngagement or sign up for our email list to receive regular updates.

Let’s build a better classroom—together.

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