Kevin Popovic and Ryan Vanshur share perspectives from both sides of the podium: Teacher and Student

Kevin Popović

Kevin PopovićFounder @ Ideahaus Lecturer, San Diego State University Board of Advisors, Lavin Entrepreneurship Program

“Engagement is a two-way street. Too often, the perception of classroom engagement looks in only one direction. The professor is boring. The students are apathetic. Today, we understand the right technology can help bridge the gap between students and professors. Professors engage students, students perk up and get involved, and a conversation blossoms from there.”

-Kevin Popović, B.A., M.S.

Ryan Vanshur

Ryan VanshurCo-Founder and VP of Sales and Marketing at CourseKey, Inc., Author, Motivational & Educational Speaker

“For professors, this enhances the understanding of how technology can be used in the classroom and how they can best connect with their students to improve learning outcomes through powerful, memorable lectures and assessments. For students, this will help maximize the ROI in their education, and it will help them develop a dialog with their professors, resulting in a stronger, more engaging professional learning environment.”

-Ryan Vanshur, Student, San Diego State University


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